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How to choose the best... everything?!

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I have over 30 bookmarks for anything from strollers, to organic products, to nursing things, to bottles,to carriers. I don't want to spend a ton of money picking things from every website. How can I choose some and stick with them?

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for bottles, i would buy a couple different types. every baby prefers something different. once you figure out the ones your baby will take, stock up on those. don't worry about a pacifier until they're about a month old. neither one of my kids took one until around 2 months. for strollers, i would go with one of those travel systems. you don't need anything super fancy, or expensive. something cushy and cozy that can be reclined, and has plenty of storage below for your purse and diaper bag. for a baby carrier, i have tried many different types, but hands down i recommend the baby k'tan wrap. it can be used for babies from 8-35 lbs, and worn in 6 different positions. it has been a life saver for me. everyone raves about boppy pillows. i didn't use one with my first daughter, but picked up a brand new one at a yard sale for $8 for my 4 month old. honestly, i hate it. i'm glad i only paid $8 for it, and not $40 at a store. my 4 month old despises tummy time, and when i use it for propping her up while she's laying on her back, she always ends up sliding down. huggies are the best diapers. i refuse to use anything else. pampers are paper thin, luvs leak like crazy (no leak guarantee, my ass! i got my money back!) i use parent's choice wipes because they are super soft, and cheap. my 3 year old is severly allergic to all wipes, so i use a damp washcloth to clean her up. as for the cloth diapers, once you buy all the necessary sprayers, special cleaners, must have extra's,  and add in the expense of washing and drying  you are spending about the same as you would with disposables. not to mention, it's a pain in the ass and your just adding to the chores list. nobody wants that. 
As a mom of three kids, I've got a lot of experience with this stuff! For diapers, wipes, cleaning, and bath products I would go with The Honest Company. They are organic and less expensive than what is sold in stores. They work really well too. Check them out on facebook or at bottles, I like the Avent bottles. They have great vents that prevent gassiness. My baby is literally never gassy. She barely burps. They are easy to clean (no tiny parts like Dr. Brown's).If you need a breast pump, I like the Avent pump. My baby can't nurse so I've been exclusively pumping for over four months now. It is very comfortable and works really, really well.Get a variety of pacifiers. My kids have all liked different shapes and have gone through phases of liking different kinds. Avent makes some that glow in the dark, which is really nice in the middle of the night.I like Carter's clothes. They are the only brand that has reliable sizing. Switching between different brands is always a hassle since there isn't standardized sizing. Old Navy runs a size smaller than Carter's, Target clothes shrink so that they're short and wide. Carter's is always having sales in stores and in websites, and if you sign up with them they'll send you coupons to use in stores every month or so.If you plan on using formula go with something organic. I used Earth's Best with my son. He never had constipation or gas issues while on it, but he did with other formulas.I like Graco strollers. They are easy to use and fairly inexpensive. I love Britax car seats. They are expensive, but the company puts a lot into their safety research and development. They are also made in the USA and they are made with high quality fabrics. My daughter has been in her Britax convertible seat for about 3 years now and it still looks and feels great.My kids all love their Boppy pillows. My older two still love theirs and use them while watching movies. It was a convenient place to lay my baby on the couch, she loved it when she first started tummy time. They were great when I was trying to nurse.My baby loves her Carter's bouncy chair (the giraffe one they make) and her Fisher-Price open top activity mat is great. We had a traditional baby gym but the toys got in her face. When my son bent it to the point it wouldn't stand up, I decided on an open top gym that would last longer as she got older. My older kids love to play with her while she's on it.All three of my kids have loved their Baby Einstein activity jumper.I used a regular baby bath tub with my first two. They were nice, and they liked them. With my newest baby I have a bath seat so that all three kids can take a bath together.If you'll be getting a swing you should get one that swings side to side, not just front to back. The front to back motion has scared all of my kids, but they like the side to side.Get a convertible crib. Graco makes some that are inexpensive. My crib has gone through all three kids and it's still holding up really well.Unless you know you'll be using a play pen all the time, don't get one. I have barely used mine, it was a waste of money. The best thing I have gotten for all my kids is the Leap Frog puppy pal. They've all slept with it since they were babies. The lullaby music has comforted them and has helped them to get to sleep every night.
instead of using a glow in the dark paci, just get one of those straps that attaches to their clothing. never deal with lost binkies again! it's a hassle when they spit them out, and your constantly picking them up or digging around for it.
Well to start off with,Congratulations!   When it comes to diapers    I have always used cloth. All of my kids have allergic reactions to diapers, And it's so much cheaper.I like the pampers sensetive baby wipess.  My favorite bottles are Nuk,Never had gassy babies. And with clothing, I am with VforVenture on this. Carters is a wonderful brand. When it comes to cribs or bassinett, I think a crib is better. My kids slept in their crib untill they were 2, It's easier than buying a bassinett and your baby being to large for it after 4-5 mnths.      I agree that if you get a swing, It's best to get one than goes S-S instead of F-B. Play pens aren't good untill your baby is bigger,So don't worry about getting one untill atleasy 5 months or more. I never used pacifiers,My kids were breast fed so I am the pacifier, Sorry that all my words are runnin together.

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