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How to coach my child to kindly handle potential 4 year old bullies?

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A 4 year old girl has repeatedly told my daughter (the same age) to "go way", "I don't want to hold your hand" and other comments like that during group team type classes. I want to coach her to handle these things with kindness without letting these type of kids hurt her or make her feel like it's her fault. Or properly coach her so she doesn't become a bully herself. Also, what is a good way to approach the parents of this type of kid gently to avoid them getting on the defense.. I believe this behavior needs to be nipped in the bud now before these kids get older and become bullies, therefore I think silence is not an option. Any books, resources and such on this topic would be helpful. Thank you!

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This doesn't really sound like bully type behavior. Sometimes kids just don't like other kids and that's ok. Not everyone has to like everyone else. Just tell your daughter to try to interact with other children instead. 4 years old is too young to try to diplomatically handle a situation like this.

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