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How come I'm not seeing my answers posted?

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Whenever I ask a question, I can see that it's been posted, but when I try to answer somone else's question, I can't see it on the screen. Is there a rule to answering that's different from asking questions?

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I do not know if it is the same problem I had. But my internet explorer I would answer questions and then they would not show up. They would disapear. Sometimes it would say something about needing to fill in the box, which I had done. I am on firefox right now and it works.
I use Firefox and have never had a problem.  But you might want to make sure you're hitting the blue submit button BELOW the answer space, not the pink "answer this question" button above it, which wipes out your answer and doesn't post it.  (I've done that before - oops!)
I use Google Chrome and don't always see my updated responses immediately when I go back to the main Answers page. It may just be that the server takes a little while to update.
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