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how common is death while giving birth in younger people?

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if someone is going to be 17 when they give birth, is it safe? what are the chances of complications at that age?

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I had my daughter when I was 16 and it was the hardest delivery I've had. I survived though so I wouldn't worry about death during delivery. You will do a great job I'm sure. Good luck :)
As long as you're in a hospital with doctors there shouldn't be any complications that can't be treated. There are potential risks if you need a c-section, but having a vaginal delivery should be just fine.
Im 19, just had my son on the 18th and it was hard, the contractions twards the end where the worst, but i got an Epidural and i highly recommend it, i was only 5cm dialated when i got it, and im happy i did, i slept for and hour and a half couldnt feel anything. You should be just fine. :) Goodluck!
i had my first kid at 17,and as long as you follow up with a doctor throughout your pregnancy you should be fine.that way if a complication does arise,the doctor can fix the problem.
i suggest that you take a walk everyday in your ninth month, this will help you deliver your baby fast. don't worry, you will be fine. God bless!
thank you everyone! feeling much better now (:

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