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how confident should i be with the gender results I got?

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I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with my first child. I had my last ultrasound at 18 weeks and was told we were having a girl. Naturally I went out the same night and started buying girl clothes but now I am afraid to wash and put them away for fear that they made a mistake. It would be just my luck that my scan at 32 weeks that they tell me sorry we made a mistake and your actually having a boy. I am just being paranoid or should I trust the accuracy of the scan?

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i would keep the tags on just in case. you will know for sure at 32 weeks.
How certain was the technician?  Did she explain how she knew?  Our technician was very definite, and pointed to the genital structures that indicated our baby's sex.  She was right.  As for the clothes, definitely only wash a few, I washed everything and our baby outgrew the clothes before she ever wore them!
I found out I was having a girl at 20 weeks. I asked the tech how sure she was and she said 100% and pointed out the genitalia. I also asked how often they were wrong and she said twice in the last 10 years. Even though she was so sure, I kept having the most vivid dreams that I had a boy and I had to put him in pink because it's all I had. LOL I got a 3d ultrasound at 29 weeks and I told the tech about that and she zoomed in on her and said "Yup still a girl". So it's not just you being paranoid. I think that you should be getting another ultrasound soon since you are pretty far along and ask them then how sure they are. I do agree with Leahh though, only wash some of the clothes because they grow sooo fast. Good Luck!!!! Being a Mom is the BEST!!! :)
By 27 weeks the genetilia are fully formed.  Usually when they're wrong about the gender it's mistaking boys for girls because part of the umbelical chord gets down there.  Or at least that's what my ultrasound tech said.

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