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How to control a mouthy three year old?

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I have a three year old that is about to turn four. He has all of the sudden became very mouthy. It started out by just asking "Why?" every time I would tell him to go do something. Now its escalating to just "No!" when he is being watched by other people. He also is starting to give people the stink eye. The problem is I am a strict parent and he has tried to press my buttons but never like this. He would always be a good boy with just me around but when he goes somewhere else with other people he will act up immediately. I do not understand why though. If we are alone he will be the best kid ever. But if you add anyone else into the equation (even his father) he will act up. I just don't know what to do because he is never bad with me but he is awful to other people. Please some advice would be amazing!

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It's probably just a phase. He's showing off for other people to see what kind of reaction he gets from you and from them. Keep your discipline consistent but appropriate, reward good behavior, and he will stop doing it.

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