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how to cope with 2nd C-section

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I Just found out that im exspecting my second child! I Had a C-section with my first child and it went so smoothly but now im starting to freak out about having a second one! my first child will be 3 in a 2 months. is the second C-section going to be just as smooth or are there things I need to know about being cut again!!!!

answers (3)

Do you have to have another c-section, or can you have a vaginal birth? In my opinion, if you can have a vaginal birth safely, you should go for that option. The recovery is much easier and faster, and it's safer.
yea its much easier but here they dont really like to do a vaginal birth after you have already had a C section! So I have to have a 2nd! and its scray!
If I were you, I would look for a new doctor who is more open to the possibility of a vaginal birth. Plenty of women have successful vaginal births after a c-section. You don't have to take one doctor's opinion about things.

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