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How dangerous are young children to toddlers and babies?

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How dangerous is a kid that has strength disproportionate to their size, but hasn't grown a large enough brain to understand and control their strength? We have a 3 year old daughter who isn't violent in the slightest, but definitely can roughhouse. Even with me, a full grown adult male, she has the arm strength that I sometimes feel like shes choking me when she puts her arm around my neck. And we now have a 1.5 year old daughter, and the 3 year old has decided that the smaller girl is her baby. Its adorable at times, that she'll try to feed her, change her diaper, and otherwise mother her. But at times, she hugs the baby obviously too hard, and she'll squawk to be let go, or she'll try to put a bib on the baby that's more suited for a doll, and I worry that she might accidentally strangle the smaller child. Is this a legitimate concern, or paranoia? Again, the 3 year old isn't violent or even aggressive. But she has the strength of someone 2-3 years older than her, but has no apparent understanding of her own strength because, again, she's 3. So shes clinically unaware of her own actions. We attempt to correct her behavior and get her to be gentle, but again, she's 3. She can be possessive of the baby and play too hard when she gets spun up and excited because shes playing because, again, she's 3.

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I would suggest going to your nearest hospital asap and explaining this to them. It better safe then sorry.
Have u tried a home pregnancy test? That's what I'd suggest!

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