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how to deal with a 2and half year child when he is not listening?

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I don't know how to react when my son is not listening to me and do whatever he wants to do? Every time i have to scold him and now the situation is that he is not having any effect of my scolding. Even though i scold him he do the things what he wants. Now a days one more thing i notice in him is that he use to cry every time for doing the things what he wants to do. Even he didn't stop to cry until he get what he wants.He shouts like anything and just start to cry at that time i didn't understand how to deal with him? I just try to divert his mind or just try to explain him why his demand is not getting over but he never listen to me and simply crying and shouting. I stay in joint family and so he knew that if i will not fullfill his demand he went to grandmother and grandfather or to his aunty and so he et whatever he wants. Moreover he went to playhouse since last month. I just talk to his madam that how is his performance then she says that he didn't speak anything and remain quite. while he is not like that at home i have to ask him to stay quit for a few minutes. so pls help me to deal with my son?

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Well you are fighting a losing battle if you tell him no but others give in, that is why he is unwilling to listen to no. you need to talk to the other adults in the house and explain to them taht this is your child and that they cannot undermine your authority.Kids will often act out more for their family then strangers. I wouldnt be too worried about his "split personality" between school and home. You want him to behave at school! so be happy he is listening somewhere
I agree with cresteds. You need to set some ground rules with other members of the household. It's bad enough when you tell your child no, and they ask dad who says yes, but having extended family around gives him no shortage of opportunities to get a yes in there somewhere. I would talk to your family about this. I really think the behavior would improve, at least somewhat, if your son understood that when you say no, that means no. This is also just a difficult age. Toddlers get frustrated because they have a lot of emotions and don't yet know how to deal with them in a healthy way and they become frustrated and angry when they can not communicate effectively. Make sure he knows you are listening and trying to understand him when he speaks to you. Try to get the point across that he does not have to yell or throw a fit to be heard. 
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