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How to deal with a boy crazy pre teen?

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My 11 year old is extremely boy crazy and its making me very concerned with her future behavior. I know some of it is normal for her age, but it is driving my husband and me nuts. Any advice on how to try to keep her more focused on other things and not so obsessed? And to make matters worse, she is very tall and her body looks more like a teenager, not an elementary school student, so clothing is an issue as well. She is adopted and since we didnt have her during her early formative years, Im praying this is something we can effectively deal with now. thank you

answers (3)

chasity belt.... make sure she knows your rules and you are firm on them. never let her be alone in a room with a boy and make sure her bedroom door is open at all times. You don't want anyone sneaking in by window or door. Don't let her show off her midriff. She doesn't need extra attention. Same go for booty shorts. She's a kid and you don't need any man looking at her.
Being boy crazy is extremely normal for a preteen, but having a boyfriend can complicate things. Being young and hormonal and going through all these changes with all these different feeling and desires is very confusing for any preteen. No matter what she'll be interested in boys, However if she wants to hang out with a boy make her bring some friends along. Always she should go out in a small group, NEVER let her go out alone with a boy. Always pick out clothes with her, you know what's appropriate and what's not. If she shops with friends, make sure you approve what she's bought before she wears it. Above all, don't be afraid to be a good parent by making sure she doesn't get involved with a boy too early and get serious at such a young age. Kid don't always follow the rules either, so don't be afraid to punish her as well. This is the age where raising a girl gets difficult, but it only means it's time to step up, discipline, and be a good parent. Good luck!
I wouldn't worry too much. I was pretty interested in boys around the same time. She's going through puberty, her hormones are running wild but I can pretty much guarantee you she has no idea what to do with them. When I was 12 I wanted to marry George Clooney and was totally obsessed with male celebrities. Thankfully, that didn't transfer to boys my own age much, but that was mainly because I grew up without a dad. Anyway...Always go shopping with her and help her pick out appropriate clothes. Don't let her wear shirts with v-necks, they always end up lower than you expect. (A major problem for me, I can never seem to keep myself covered enough in a v-neck!) Don't get her short shorts or skirts. But, don't make her wear clothes that are too baggy. If she hasn't already, she'll develop an interest in fashion soon. You may need to take her to the juniors section rather than the kids section to find her clothes that fit better, just make sure you see things as she tries them on, don't just take her word that things fit appropriately. As far as boys her own age are concerned, they're probably a little young to be doing anything inapporopriate. But just to be safe, make sure she spends most of her time with girls her age and that if boys are going to be around there is a large group of kids. If a boy comes over don't let them sneak off to a room by themselves and have her keep her bedroom door open whenever one is in the house.Finally, make sure you talk to her about sex and relationships. She'll find out the information somewhere, it's best if it comes from you.

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