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How did you chose your kid's names?

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This is how I chose my kid's names: Brynn Isabella: Brynn has been one of my favorite names since I was 10, and Isabella is my cousin. Charlotte Kate: I've always loved the name Charlotte, and Kate is my husband's sister. Lyric Rain: I love music, so Lyric has been one of my favorites. She was born when it was raining, plus I think "Rain" is gorgeous! Isiah Michael: Isiah's our favorite biblical name, and Micheal's my husband's middle name. Riley Benette: Riley has been my favorite for years, Benette's my father's name. How were your kid's names chosen?

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my daughters name caitlyn marie i got it from my mother
My daughter is Holland Grace, it took a long time and I am not even sure where we first came up with Holland but one night watching TV I was like what do you think about Holland and my husband said he liked it. But I was not sure because his family is from there and I did not want them to think we were naming her after that. I loved the middle name Grace, my husband wanted Olivia but I thought Grace sounded better. So on the way to the hospital I was like what are we going to name her and we choose Holland Grace. With my son I liked the name Greyson for a long time but my husband didn't then at the end he started to like it more and when he was born I asked my husband to name him and he said Greyson and it fits him. His middle name is Dominic, it is my grandfathers name, I never met him he passed before I was born but I remember ever since my mom told me his name I loved it.
My husband and I both have unusual names and we have always hated them. When it came to choosing names for our children we wanted names that were traditional, easy to spell and easy to pronounce. We chose Audrey Olivia and Harrison Thomas.

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