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How do adjust to the sex of the baby if it's not what I wanted?

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You just do. A baby's gender isn't something you can choose so you just have to go with what you get. When I was pregnant with my second baby I knew I was having a boy, but I was scared. I didn't grow up with any boys or men in my family (not even a dad) so I didn't know what to expect. The whole idea of caring for a healing cricumcision, peeing across the room, etc. all while also dealing with an 18 month old girl. But, I have my husband to help with things like potty training and whatever other boy things might be difficult. And, I fell in love with  my little boy as soon as I held him. He's rowdy and crazy sometimes but he's also extremely sweet and cuddly and he and my daughter are best friends. I love them both.I'm having another little girl in December and we couldn't be more excited! Our older daughter is just turning three and she's the greatest. She's such a girly girl, which I love, but she also like to play with cars and tools and both kids love trying to play sports. All kids have their own personalities and are so much fun, regardless of their gender. Both genders have their challenges as they grow up, neither one is better than the other. 
You don't even have to try I wanted a boy when I was pregnant with my baby girl, but once she was born I didn't want a boy I wanted her my beautiful daughter. Trust me you will love your baby no matter what it is, it will be your child and have its own personality and gender won't matter.
You'll love your child no matter the sex.. Congrats!

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