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How do I break my child from wanting to be around me 24/7?

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My son is going to be a year old on the 25 and he is starting to wake up in the middle of the night again and when he is awake he wants to only be around me. He cries when I sit him down even for a second and I cant even go to the bathroom without him crying. How do I break this? Please help

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try and divert his attention to a favorite toy or a book, maybe offer him a small snack. but mostly- let him know you are not leaving him. if you have to put him in his crib/playpen/highchair so you can go to the bathroom- do it. you do not need to suffer to reassure him. eventually he will learn you are coming right back. don't rescue him every time he cries because he will not be able to function without you. 
I agree with sunshinesmommy, reassuring. I had a very clingy 1 year old, and as hard as it was I had to just let her cry sometimes. A book called Lamma Lamma Misses Mama did wonders for me. It is about a Lamma going to preschool, but helped her understand that even if I leave, I will always come back. She now quotes that book to my youngest. Best of luck!
Your baby cries because he believes he is not okay without you and because when you disappear he thinks you may never come back.He'll figure out that you always come back when he gets some practice, and also when he gets a better idea of object permanence. It helps to never, ever sneak away from him. Always let him know that you're going and reassure him you'll be back. Don't worry if he cries. It's a learning experience.In order to learn he can be okay without you, though, first your baby has to be okay with you. He needs to develop more self confidence. Play with him and let him learn how to do some things for himself while you're right there supporting him. Don't push him away -- he'll only lose confidence and get even more clingy.It might help to remind yourself that someday soon he won't want to be anywhere near you, so now's the time to enjoy that clinginess, frustrating though it is.
It's a phase.  He'll get over it around 18 months.  By the time he's three, he'll go through a phase where it's all about Daddy.  Try not to be jealous.

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