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How do I comfort my eight year old?

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On a kids' party my eight year old daughter suddenly came up to me crying. When I ask her why, she said it was because she got into a "fight" with a boy she was playing basketball with. She said that the boy hit her with the ball and so she hit him back and after that the boy would not share the ball with her and when she tried to steal the ball from him he called her "rough girl." She stopped playing after that. What I do not understand is that was my daughter hurt because of what the boy said or was she hurt because of how the game turned out? I tried my best to comfort her that day but I still feel like I could have done better. My daughter is very sporty (she plays more with boys than girls) and this is the first time I saw her being emotional with a game. My husband thinks that the reason might be because she likes the boy she was playing with. Anyway in situations like this what do I say to my daughter? I don't want her to not want to play basketball or other sports anymore just because of this bad experience. Also, my daughter does not talk much about her feelings. She just cries. How do I make her open up more?

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Give her a journal. Explain that she can write whatever she wants in it and no one will read it. That way she can get her feelings out and not have to worry what others think.

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