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How do I convince my 22 month old daughter to pee in the potty?

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I first started putting her on the potty at 18 months and the 1st time she pee'd I was so excited but she hasn't done it since then. I was afraid that maybe she just wasn't old enough to understand what she had done so I decided to wait til she had the signs that she was ready to potty train. Now she tells me that she has pee'd she will tell me she needs a diaper so we started potty training again. She loves to sit on the potty she will tell me she has to potty but eveytime we go in there she will sit there and do nothing then say that she's done and want to wipe and flush. And the worse part is she will pee right after I put her diaper back on. I even got to where I'm telling her she can only wipe and flush if she puts some pee pee in the potty but that still doesn't work either. So I'm not sure what to do to convince her to pee?

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Two things worked for us... a singing potty, and using the big toilet, because she could hear herself peeing! Try reasing books (especially potty time books) while she's sitting there. The more time she's on there, the more likely she is to pee. If she then pees, you reward her, and she will start to get the hang of it. We also used normal panties instead of pull ups at home while training. I bought my little pony underware, and if my daughter peed in them, I would tell her it made the ponies sad. It all depends on your child and what will get them excited! Stickers are always great parenting tools! They are cheap, kids love them, and they don't make a mess!
i would turn the water on and sing the go pee pee in the potty song it seemed to help
try giving her a lollipop when she goes to the potty :)
22 seems a little too early.  We have better luck at 3 years.  When they are ready, they are ready....
Sometimes kids need a reward as an incentive to pee or poop on the potty chair or in the toilet. Since wiping and flushing is part of the process it isn't a reward. Try giving her stickers or a small piece of candy (1 m&m or Skittle) when she successfully pees or poops on the potty.

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