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how do i convince my husband to have a baby??

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I don't see how you can "convince" him if he doesn't want to. Depends on his reasons for not wanting to also...//
If your husband isn't ready to have children there probably isn't much you can do to "convince" him. The only thing I can suggest is that you sit down with him and ask him for his reasons for not wanting kids yet. If he has solid, logical reasons (financial concerns, number of bedrooms, amount of time spent at work, etc.) you may have to wait until some of those problems are resolved. If he's just scared about the responsibility or something like that try to spend time with friends or family who have young children or babies. Babysit if you can so that he can get a good idea of what taking care of a baby is like.
It's a group decision if he doesn't want a baby you can't make him.
My sister-in-law just went ahead and got pregnant even though my brother-in-law didn't want to have a baby. Not a good idea...they have been having problems since.

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