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How do I deal and help my 5 yr old daughter deal with stress tantrums?

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My daughter is usually extremely well behaved and very quick to ask questions or have a discussion when she doesn't understand something. My husband and I are having problems and have been separated for about 2 months which we have talked with her about extensively. Despite this though the last couple weeks since he left for military training, she has started acting out ~ putting glue on the chairs and walls, eating piles of candy without asking and behind my back, arguing with everything I tell her etc. all of which is extremely uncharacteristic for her. It has been more and more things every day with increasing severity and nothing I have tried has seemed to help. I know a lot of this is just stress and her trying to deal with everything but is there anything I can help us deal with this?

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Remain consisteand with your discipline and keep talking with her. This is definitely a reaction to everything that is changing in her life. She will get through it and her behavior will return to normal eventually. If things don't start getting better soon you may want to think about having her see a therapist, just get some more insight into how to help her through everything.

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