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How do I deal with the cousins that are mean/bossy to my son?

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My son has a couple of cousins that are not very nice to him. They are constantly taking toys from him. I step in when I feel I should without doing it every time it happens. It's gotten to the point where it is so stressful on my husband and I that we don't even want to go to family functions anymore. We do our best to teach our son to be polite and to share and not be bossy. He gets corrected when he's not nice. I feel like when we are around the cousins that I'm a ref. I even pretend that I don't see it when our son stands up for himself to them---not every time but every now and then. We even left early once because it caused an arguement. The parents don't even do anything about it most of the time. I need help, it's not fair to my kid.

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I think you need to talk to the parents. Maybe they don't realize what their kids are doing. Maybe they are choosing to ignore it. I would explain to them what you are seeing and ask for some help. 
tell the kids to their face alone that it is not going to be ignored any more and that you will tell the parents if it happend again 
there is nothing wrong with correcting bad behavior when it happens right in front of you. You witness it, you address it. "Cousins, son was playing with that. It is not nice to take things out of people's hand. If you want to play you need to wait your turn." All my sister have kids, I would not be offended one moment if my kids were acting inappropriately and if one of my sisters addressed it and I would do the same for them. Later, I would encourage "son" to stand up for himself, give him the words to use when this happens and you're not around BUT don't be disappointed when he doesn't heed your advice, he is who is he. Stay encouraging!

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