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how do i deal with my boyfriends rude children

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my boyfriend and i are expecting a child in november. we each havetwo boys from a previous relationship. my boyfriends children are rude, and use foul language, they bully and lie and have stolen from me and my boyfriend never seems to see it. when i tell him about their behavior he gets angry with me. i dont raise my children this way. im not saying my children are perfect but they dont behave this way. I dont want my baby to be raised this way and im having doubts about raising my baby with this man, can anyone help? I really appreciate any advice any moms out there have to give..... thanx

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You and your boyfriend need to sit down and write down the rules of your home, then meet with all the kids and lay out the rules and what the consequences will be.  Make sure you do not say your children don't behave say... Honey with the baby coming I would really like to make sure we are on the same page with the rules of the house can we sit down and figure out what we each expect of the kids.  Honestly if you were say to me you never see how bad your nephew behaves I would be mad too even though I know my nephew does not always behave the way he should.  After you have figured out the expectations and discussed it with the kids consistency will be paramount without it the kids will just ignore the new rules

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