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how do I deal with SCABIES and I'm nursing baby etc?

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My 9 year old somehow got scabies (we think), it was around Halloween we think, the rash began a couple weeks ago. We got 3 diff diagnosis from diff Drs but used the permethrin 5% cream prescription as directed and cleaned everythin everyday. Now, we are OCD clean people to begin with. I asked the Dr about treating the rest of the family in the home. He said not unless symptoms appear then bring them in. Well sure enough, a week later, despite the EXTREME CAUTION TAKEN AND REDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF CLEANING AND LAUNDRY ALL DAY EVERY DAY, I now have it.. a rash broke out on my breasts and then some.. I am nursing my 6 month old baby.. my sons cream is all gone and i plan to call the Dr in the morning.. in the meantime my mind is making me crazy, on the internet 24/7 trying to figure out how the heck to get rid of this.. im making myself, my husband and children crazy by insainly cleaning and treating ourselves with TEA TREE essential oil (which I found has worked in some cases better than the premetrin cream).. i am not sure if the little nasty mites are dead or not, my son was treated but still seems to have lil hive-type patches of bumps pop up from time to time.. im still nursing the baby but he touches to rash area by nature while nursing and I keep trating the area, the house, and baby with tea tree baths.. IM OBSeSSeD with this problem.. idk what to do. I read horror stories about this and why didnt the Dr just treat us all! On top of all this, right b4 this rash, everyone keep getting sick, viral i think.. so i was insainly cleaning b4 We knew of the poss Scabies infection.. wtf? Im at my wits end. Ive never had this issue b4, we have 5 kids, 3 live in the home and we are very perticular about cleanliness etc. So, How do I calm my anxiety and insainity in my mind and emotions? How do I get rid of this when I already been over-doing the cleaning? And has any1 else seen these thing go away using the Tea Trea oil vs using the chemicals? And what about my poor baby who refuses to use a bottle when i have this damn rash? Oh and my daughter is away this week so she isnt being treated, she may have them on her but no rash yet and could be passing them to others, then what about if I did kill the ones in the house and she brings them back?? Uggggg! Someone with good knowledge and exp w this PLEASE HELP ME??!!

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