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How do I encourage my 14 month old to walk?

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My oldest son didn't start walking until he was 14 months and my younger son is almost 13 months and still not walking.  Both were walking along furniture at 8-9 months but didn't take steps on their own.  I don't think there is anything specific you can do, when they are ready they will walk.  Unless you notice any problems with their legs or feet, then you should ask your ped dr. at the next visit.  But, I would think they will just start walking when they are ready.  Good luck, hope both our little ones start soon!  =)
Yay, don't worry about it yet. Each child delvops on his/her own time. You can use walking toys that they can hold on too to help encourage them to move will holding on to an object, walk with them by holding their hands. Give it some more time, time before walking is ok as when they get moving there's no stopping them.
thanks to hours of play in the exersaucer/jumperoo starting at 4 months, my daughter walked independently at 9 months, and by 10 months was running. i hear that boys take longer than girls, but i really believe that the exersaucer helped her to develop those leg muscles. try holding his hands and guiding him along the living room. he will catch up soon. don't worry.
First, I would not worry at all.  There are some little yogi exercises you can do to help strengthen the muscles they need to walk and also, some poses/exercises (more like little games/songs) you can do to help teach them the basics around walking, like squatting up and down which strengthens the lower body and teaches them to 'sit down' vs. fall over backwards flat on their backs.  Check out baby yoga books, there's a popular one you'll find, it's great.  The squat one is simple, sit your baby on your leg(while sitting on the floor legs lengthened), bounce three times, say 'up' then let them sit right back down and say 'down', teaches the up/down needed for walking and strengthens the lower body.  
Lots of encouragement and praise and try to get togehter with other kids who are walking, little ones seem to watch the behavior of other kids their own age very closely. Good Luck!

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