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How do I get a 4 1/2 month old to sleep longer without being swaddled?

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My son sleeps best when he is swaddled or being cuddled by mom(he'll sleep for hours if I let him). He's getting too big to swaddle, but will only sleep a short while without it. Any tips would be much appreciated.

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What about one of those sleepers that is closed at the bottom? (They are like a onsie top with a sleeping bag-type bottom) He might like the feel of his legs being enclosed and he'll stay warm too.
Some babies do well being swaddle all the way to 8-9months! My daughter is 7 1/2 months and I stopped last month, by accident! She had "sleepover" at my aunt's.You can start by letting 1 arm out of the swaddle first. If baby doesnt starttle himself awake, he might be ready. check out Baby whisperer forums for advise! :)
they have special swaddlers that are for bigger babies who can kick their blankets off. they're secured by velcro.
There are a few brands of swaddlers that come in sizes for bigger babies. I like the Woombie because it uses a zipper instead of velcro. There are also the Miracle Blankets. You can find them all online.Some babies need to be swaddled until close to their first birthday, it's just how they are. I suggest swaddling for as long as your baby needs it.
Check out the Peke Moe sleep sack.  I found it online when I was struggling to find a way to transition my 6 month old daughter out of her swaddle.  From the first night forward she slept as well as she did in her swaddle.  Now at 16 months she is still sleeping in one and loves it!

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