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How do i get my 1 year old son to sleep in his own bed ?

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My one year old son has always hated being put in his bed or play pin, so i would put him to sleep then put him in his bed. When he would wake up screaming in the middle of the night i could never get him to go back to sleep without laying him in bed with me. Now that he is older and alot bigger there is no way i can share my bed with the little bed hog and my fiance! I have tried everything, i even turned his bed into a toodler bed and moved his bed into my room so he doesnt feel trapped and alone but he wont even go near it! Someone please help!

answers (2)

You have to do it now before he's older then it will be much more difficult. We just made up our mind one day stuck him in his room and said "we love you goodnight," made sure there was a nightlight and a crib toy with lights and music. Once he got bored of it he cried forever then fell out. Continuously check on him, but don't give in. It's tough love. You have to be consistent. It works better with a bedtime routine, so he knows it's coming. Prepare for a long month. Eventually he'll figure it out and you'll both be sleeping better. 
we had a similar problem w/my now 19-month old. we basically after he woke up 1 time did what was normal to get him back to sleep. then, the next time he woke up we'd rock him for 3-5 minutes, then place the little man in his bed and pat him on his back. if he did not go to sleep after about 3 minutes of patting, we'd let him cry for 5 minutes, then go back in and comfort him. usually a good cry would be enough to get him back to sleep. we are still working w/him. its been a long and hard road, but it has been worth it. he now prefers to be in his own room!

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