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how do i get my 12 mo old on a sleep scheduele after never been on 1

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just put the baby in its bed at the time you wanna go to sleep and then lay down and wait untill the baby is asleep before you acually go to sleep or if the baby has its own room then put the baby in its crib and then sit with your back turned to its bed and wait for the baby to go to sleep so then your baby knows that its bedtime and they need to go to sleep
i had this problem because i was in my 1st trimester and too sick to deal with my son so i'd basiclly let him do whatever he wanted untill i reached my 2nd trimester then i was back to feeling good and he was totally off schedule!-initially it's a bit difficult, but once you get started it'll be all down hill from there. First wake her up eairly; she'll be cranky, but it'll only be for the first day. keep her occupied and awake until nap time. at nap time dont let her sleep for more than 2 hours. let her get a lot of exersize, this'll help to tired her out, and give her a warm bath. she'll be out like a light! ofcourse you can plan things inbetween sleep time. The main thing is to be patient and determined. it'll only take a day or two, but it's well worth it!
you need to create a bedtime routine, and try to stick to it. something like this-bath, pj's, brush teeth, read a bedtime story (goodnight moon is my fave), kiss goodnight, wish her sweet dreams, and then leave the room. you may try giving a bath with johnson's bedtime bath soap. and if you want, follow up with the lotion. you can buy both at walmart, or wherever you buy her baby soap. the lavender has a calming effect, and it has been clinically proven to help babies sleep better.

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