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How do I get my 13 month old to eat table food?

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He will eat sweet potatoes from a jar but not when I make them. How does he know the difference? He won't even come near the spoon.

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He knows the difference because the kid has taste buds. Maybe he doesn't like the way you cook them? Try other foods to see what he likes and what he doesn't. If someone came at you with a spoonful of food you don't like, would you come near the spoon and try to eat it? No, you would not.
at 13 months, your child is capable of eating table food. he should not be on jar food, unless directed by his dr. luckily, i have a kid that will eat anything but seafood and sweets. she was on table food at around 6 months, and we just took the jar food away completely. most toddlers are picky. you need to keep trying. if he likes sweet pots, then try acrorn squash, or butternut. bake them in foil until soft, and then mix with a tiny bit of brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. offer things like deli meat, steamed veggies, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, etc. i started feeding a wide variety of solids to my daughter at 8 weeks, and to this day (she's 20 months old), she eats like a champ. she prefers asparagus over cupcakes. strange, i know. i baked cupcakes one day, and gave her 1/4 of it after her meal. she threw it on the floor after taking one bite. then she looked at me and said, "mama, yuk."  here's the clincher- she reached for more asparagus and broccoli! when i gave it to her, she gobbled it up like candy. as parents, we have a major part in developing a child's taste for food. feed them chicken nuggets, french fries, and soda, and that's what they will prefer. start them early on a rainbow of veggies and fruits, and you would be surprised how quickly they will come to love these foods. maybe i'm just lucky, who knows.  instead of drowning her veggies in ranch or cheese sauce, sometimes i sprinkle parmesan on top, or a drizzle of ketchup. (i buy hunt's no high fructose corn syrup)  

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