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How do I get my 14 month old to stop hitting my cats?

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She thinks it is fun to hit and throw things at my cats. When I stop her and tell her no, she laughs. I have tried time out, telling her no, redirecting her to hug instead of hitting, and I have shown her how to pet properly. She continues to hit the cats. She also hits the dogs, but not as often as I do not let her in close contact with them. One cat just takes it, the other hits back or stays in high places. She has been scratched many times but that does not stop her.

answers (5)

Perhaps you should just get rid of the cats. She probably hits them because they scratch her. Kind of sounds like you are putting your cats before your daughter.
I was having the same issue with my daughter and my MIL chihuahuah at 18 months of age.  Every time she would hit the dog or throw something t the dog I would tell her that it was not okay, the "be easy" or "be gentle" with the dog, that it hurts to hit, and i would have her hug, kiss, and/or pet the dog.  It took a couple of months for her to finally catch on but she eventually did. The most important thing is to model the positive behavior for her.  It may take a while but stick in there.  She will come along.
If you get rid of the cat you'll send you're child the message that other living creatures can be discarded if they are inconvenient.  If you continue to work with her on respecting the rights of the cats you will teach respect and compassion. 
I would keep the pets as long as they are not going after her. I have the the same problem sometimes and a firm no is all it takes for my 16-month-old to listen. But on the downside, she is starting to say no back.
WOW montana girl, shame on you! You don't get rid of an animal because your kid doesn't fully understand how to treat them, the cats are just defending themselves. You teach your child how to to treat, love and respect animals. I hope you don't have any pets.

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