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well what i have learned first hand. is that my little girl is extreamly jealous of my be pregnate but untill i started inclouding her in with everything she was acting out. but now that ive took her to dr appointments and showing her the ultrasound she has started listening and spend alot of time with the older sibing let them feel like they are not be replaced. and you should be good. let them be a little clingy but no to much or they r gunna want it all the time after wards.
I agree. Now, mine will be 4.5 years apart, so my daughter understands more then a younger child would. I've been working on getting her excited about all the fun things she will get to teach her new sibling, and telling her how proud she should be to get to be a big sister! I also let her go though her old baby stuff, and look at her baby scrapbook. She has even started to go through her old toys and pick some out that are too "babyish" for her, and she has moved them to the baby's room. I think just getting them excited, and involved makes them feel like it is their baby too, which stops them from just being jealous.
I had a big sibling party it helped let them know that they will be loved still and that they are going to be a big sibling. It made them feel special. I just made their favorite dinner and a cake. I also made sure to buy presents for the older sibling for when they came to see the baby in the hospital from the baby. I also went to Build a Bear and the kids made themselves a stuffed bear and the baby. Good luck with this.

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