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How do I get my 2 1/2 year old son to sleep in his room im his bed?

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Charles use to sleep in his crib until my husband took a job away from home.He is gone all week and returns late Friday nights. It has been 8months and each month is becoming more difficult especially at bedtime, we started allowing Charles to sleep in our bed (due to guilt) and now we can't get him back into his own bed. Each attempt last with hours of crying and calling out for me or his sister who is sixteen. Eventually , I take him out of bed and put him into my bed, even in my bed I can't get him to settle down for hours. I am extremely tired and would like some help please. I'm so tired I have no interest in intimacy during the weekend with my husband. I also feel guilty because I spend very little time with my sixteen year old. We have the bedtime routine bath, story time,and prayer time. As I am writing this, he has been crying and fussing for 2 hours in his crib. Calling out for me; "Mama, where are you? Help!!!"

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You have to stick with it. It sounds like you are consistently giving in to him and he knows this. He has learned that if he cry's long enough you will come get him eventuallly. Maybe start during the week while your husband is gone if that is easier for everyone. No matter what, you have to make him stay in bed through the night. Just remember, every time you give in you are starting all over. Once you've made it through the first night he will start to learn that he is not going to win and it will get easier with time. Consitency is everyting so you have to follow through in other areas. As long as he is crying or whining for something he can't have it until he stops. Keeping up with this will help you in every facet of parenting, both with your toddler and your teenager. TIME and PATIENCE are a parent's best friends. Good Luck
Don't make him cry it out. Obviously, that is not working. It's only making the situation more stressful for everyone and no one is getting any sleep. I went through the same thing with my son. What eventually worked was me sitting next to his crib while he fell asleep. As part of our bedtime routine I would sit in the glider with him and we'd have some cuddles. Once he was calm and relaxed I would put him in his crib while he was fully awake. I would turn on the music on his crib toy (now he goes to sleep with a Leap Frog puppy pal that plays lullaby music) and I would sit next to his crib. He would immediately stand up and fuss for me to take him out. I would tell him to lay down and I would put my arm through the crib to rub his head or his back. If he got up I would take my arm out and wouldn't touch him until he layed down again. It took a few nights of this routine and it took a while each night. But, as he got used to sleeping in his crib and falling asleep in it I was able to leave him before he was completely asleep.Make sure you keep him in his crib and definitely soothe him while he falls asleep. He needs to know that you'll still be there for him, even if he's sleeping in a separate room. Just leaving him to cry makes his separation anxiety worse. Be there for him but keep him in his crib. And if he wakes up in the middle of the night repeat the same routine. Don't take him out of his crib and sit next to him until he falls asleep if necessary. It will take at least a few nights before he starts adjusting but he will adjust if you are consistent.

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