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How do I get my 2 year old to behave at daycare?

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We are having huge issues with my two year old and her behaviour at daycare. We are getting "oh-no" reports on a daily basis. I have gone back to work full time after being at home with her for the last year so I believe that that might be some of the issue. She has become the classroom bully!! She is one of the younger kids in class and all of her classmates are scared of her :-(. This makes my husband and I very sad. She has started hitting, biting, pushing and even stealing food from her classmates at lunch and snack time. She refuses to take a nap (at home she will take a 2 hour nap with no problem) and has resorted to waking some of the children up during nap time. When we get her reports home, it tells us what she has done such as hitting or pushing and then asks us to talk to her about her behaviour. We talk to her but by the time we are discussing it, several hours has passed and she does not remember what she did. She is our second child and a very strong willed little girl, the complete opposite of her older sister, so this is all new to us. We are both at the end of our rope and she is on the verge of getting kicked out of daycare...any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you!!

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Maybe you could start a reward system with her. Like if she does something nice-put a smile on the chart. If she does something naughty a frown. If she gets three smileys she gets something special(whatever it is you choose). If she gets three frowns, then she looses something(like a toy). She should be old enough to understand this.Maybe the people at the daycare would help with this too 
Thank you Betsy83!!  One of my friends has suggested something similiar to this.  We are going to try it and see what happens!  Thank you again for taking time to read and answer my post!!
no problem...:) I used to be a preschool teacher, so I have had quite a few sitations like this before and have found several things that have worked for a types of kids.let me know how it turns out
I'm having the exact same problem!  Does the reward chart work?

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