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How do i get my 2 year old out of my bed and back into hers?

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I have my 2 year old daughter sleeping with me for over 6 months now because she was very sick at one time! Now she screams in her bed until she throws up or cant breathe! Her father and i have recently separated but even when we were together he slept on the floor because she was in the bed... i have tried waiting until shes sleeping and letting her cry to sleep.. putting on movie, night light, nursery music... wat else do i do?? How can i get her back into her room? HELP!!

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Create a fun but relaxing bedtime routine. Give her a bath, then a little massage with some lotion. Once she's in her jammies have her sit in her bed while you read her some stories. Then turn out the lights and sit with her until she falls asleep. It might be a lot of work but she'll adjust to it easier if she's comfortable. I had to do it with my daughter and it took a while but it worked. 
This - but more than that, NO BACKSLIDING.  That means from the day you implement the new routine, you do NOT let her sleep in your bed again, for any reason, no matter how badly you just want to go to sleep.   Every time you say 'FINE WHATEVER', you're also telling her that she "wins", and can sleep in your bed if she puts up enough of a fight.  That's why it's really important not to give in.
Sleep on the floor next to her bed until she falls asleep. If she climbs over you, you should be able to wake before she gets very far.
I agree with V, you need to set up a routine and stick to it, it will be hard in the begining but once its established you can not go back on it. We have a routine of bath, pajamas, one mickey mouse show (20min) 2 books and then he turns the light off we hug, kiss and then I lay him in his bed. He never makes a peep. Kids like routine, if I even do something out of order he lets me know! It will work you just need to be consistant. She will cry the first couple of days but once she knows mommy means buisness she should cooperate. Good LUCK

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