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How do I get my 2 year old son to sleep and stay in his big boy bed?

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He thinks there are scary monsters in his room and always wants to come and sleep with mommy because he's scared! I have "gotten" the monsters out, but he still says they are there!

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I haven't had this problem specifically, but my MILs advice if it did happen was to give my children a spray bottle with glitter water in it and they could spray the monsters with the "monster repellant".In a similiar situation, my 4yo is currently using monsters as a way to sleep in our bed (I know she isn't really afraid). I make her get back in her own bed and now she doesn't use that excuse, but another one :)Good luck!
Maybe try sleeping with him in his bed until he falls back asleep. I do this with my 2 year old when he wakes and he ends up sleeping the rest of the night.

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