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How do I get my 23 month old to stop throwing things when he's mad?

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He already has a bad attitude, but now he's violent to others especially the puppy and his half sister. Time outs haven't worked. Distraction hasn't worked. Threats and spankings haven't worked. He's just very hostile.

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It sounds like he doesn't know how to use his words.  I was a violent child as well and time outs definitely did not work and niether did spankings.  Today I have to keep up a regular work out routine to not revert to being angry, frustrated, and violent.  That might work for him.  Instead of time out, go run around the block with him and then ask him if he would like to use his words.  If not, go run again!  You may want to  invest in a bike, jokes.  My dad did that with my little brother (16 years younger than me) and it worked.

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