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How do I get my 3-yr-old boy to poop on the potty?

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My son pees on the potty all day but saves his poo for night time, when he still wears a diaper. He knows how to go #2 on the potty because he used to do it. He would get lots of praise and rewards and still would if he pooped on the potty anymore. But now, for some reason, he won't; instead he wakes up in the middle of the night with a poo diaper (which neither of us are happy about). I am pretty sure it happens while he is asleep. He really needs to start going during the day but HOW do I help facilitate that???

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The only way we were able to get my daughter to poop on the toilet was to give her a small lollipop. After the first one, she only went on the toilet. We use the organic lollipops from Trader Joe's, but any small ones, like Dum-Dums, would work.

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