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How do I get my 4-year old daughter to quit wetting her underwear?

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She has been fully potty-trained since last September and was doing fine until the last few months. She doesn't completely soak her underwear, like she just lets loose, it's like she lets a little bit out here and there to avoid using the potty as long as possible. I'm constantly doing laundry and taking away her favorite stuffed animal or favorite activity doesn't seem to phase her. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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just give her candy or a toy or something when she uses the potty
I would take her to the doctor for a check-up.  If everything looks good, he could still give you some ideas on ways to help. The reason I say that is because Urinary Tract Infections are very common in young girls (1/3 women will get one in their lifetime), and one of the tell-tale signs is a child who was potty trained and suddenly starts having accidents.  Growing up I would frequently get UTIs.  In my opinion, shame tactics are not the way to go with these things.  They were frequently used in my home and I just felt worthless about my body and embarrassed. Read more about UTIs here:
having an accident is okay. and you need to let your daughter know that. punishing her for having an accident is not the way to go about it. as my daughters ped told me when we started to pt, it's not a matter of ethics. you dont want to tell them they are good or bad for going or not going. it's just about growing up and doing what the rest of us do! do not rule out a uti. if that's not the case, take her to the potty more often, and cut back on her liquids.

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