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How do I get my 4 yr. old to listen to me?

2 answers
My 4 yr. old Jerzie will not listen to me she hears what she wants to hear, I disapline and that does nothing. Jerzie doesnt have any problems anywhere she goes, daycare, grandma ect. I am the only person that she will not listen to. I can walk into daycare to pick up my kids and as soon as she see's me her additude completely changes and she becomes sassy, winy and it seems like she turns her hearing off. what do I do? Please help.

answers (2)

it is may start RFO (reward for obedience) program. find out her weekness, try to demonstrate the facilities she is getting than many other poor or less facilitated children...and be patient...Thanks.babysitting rates
if she is listening to everyone else, but you, then there's got to be a reason why. have you given in to her whines, and tantrums before just to get it to stop? it only takes one time, and after that, they will automatically think that that's what it takes with you. simple as that. have you tried to spank her?

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