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How do I get my 5 year old to like Kindergarten?

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Ever since my son has been attending day care, preschool and now kindergarten he has had some behavior issues. Not extreme. Manageable. But the other day my worst nightmare occured and my 5 year old was sent to the principals office and was asked to be removed from the class from the teacher. The teacher says he academically is doing awesome but for some reason dosent like going to school or doing homework? Is there something more I can do or say that might make him like school more ?

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He may be bored in class. If he is smarter than his fellow students the class may be moving too slowly for him. If this is the case it's completely understandable that he wouldn't be interested in going to school or doing homework. I went through the same thing in elementary school, I simply wasn't challenged enough.See if you can get him tested for a gifted program at his school, or in some way that will tell if he's academically advanced.
What I did was I took my daughter to the srote, got a cart and said fill it up.  then she did and i put it in a bag and said, " be good for a whole week and ypu get the bag! it worked and she hasnt had a problem since....

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