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How do I get my 5 yr old son to go to school?

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He has been going all year up until last week. Unknown to me he cried all the way to school and ended up vomiting because of it. they sent him home. the rest of the week he just kept saying his tummy hurts. I managed to get him to go one day last week only to find out he cried most of the time and the teacher told him he couldnt come home. so it is now monday morning and I tried unsucessfully to get him on the bus, he says his tummy hurts....again

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I would take him to the doctor. Maybe there is a reason behind why he does not want to go. He may have been bullied by some other kids. He may be struggling in other areas. Riding the bus can be scarey for a small child also. There are kids that are a lot older and they can pick on little kids. If he is that upset there must be a reason behind it. Tell him you will not be mad and you want to help make him feel better. Is there something going on in your personal life? A move? A change in your relationship? A death? Sometimes changes like that can effect a young child also
I agree that if this is a sudden change in behavior there has to be something big that has happened. Try talking to him about why he doesn't want to go to school. Be casual about it, don't put a lot of pressure on him. If he legitimately does not feel well you should take him to the doctor.
Go to school with him.  Pay attention to his behavior all day, ask questions of his teacher, the principal, the lunch lady, the playground monitor, etc...Don't stop asking questions until you get to the bottom of it.  It truly sounds like something has happened or is happening at school that has upset him and since NOT going to school isn't an option, you have to be proactive in helping your son find a solution.

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