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How do I get my 6 yr. old daughter to go to the bathroom sooner?

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My daughter is 6 yrs old and has been potty trained since she was 2 but in the last 3weeks or so left of school she has been peeing in her pants at school. She comes up with many excuses so no I don't know what to believe. I think that she just doesn't want to miss out on the activities. I have tried punishment but running out of options. Help please!!!!

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don't punish her. that's not going to get you anywhere. talk to her teacher, and see if it's possible for someone to take her to the bathroom more often. if that doesn't work, buy a pack of diapers, and tell her that's what she's going to wear until she stops having accidents. the embarassment alone, should stop this immediately.
First determine if she is having problems at school possibly bullying.  It could be stress with something or someone is causing her to pee herself.  Then I would ask them if someone could see that she goes to the restroom before and after lunch so she does not have accidents.I know my son had problems with the older kids when he started going to this new school and that caused sleeping problems--tossing, turning, nightmares, etc.
You might also want to talk with your pediatrician about this, perhaps there is a physical reason.DO NOT buy her diapers and make her wear them, that is cruel and will NOT solve the problem.
I agree diapers may only make the problem worse. This could be caused by a sudden change in her life. A child I babysat for, had his bestfriend move and started wetting himself. Just talk to her, and have someone checking on her. Atleast try to find the root of the problem, and talk to the peditrition like the above  poster said it could be a medical problem.

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