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how do i get my 7 year old to accept the new baby

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I have a 7 year old son and, we just welcomed our new baby. Since then he has been acting out in school in the worst ways. He is ADHD and some behaviors I can understand but lately he has been stealing...and not just kid stuff. I caught him the other day trying to steal books from a book fair. He stole his coach's house keys and then told the principle that he stole them because I lock him out of the house. He steals from his teacher and also other students. He has been written up multiple times and always "forgets" the referral at school. Today the school had enough and decided to suspend him. The home life he is destructive breaks things that are not his. the other day he was mad because he was punished so he decided to peel the paint off my walls. For the first 6 years of his life I was a single mom and I was all he had I understand that it being different now can cause him think that our relationship has to change. I've tried talking to him calmly telling him how much I love him and that our relationship doesn't change. We still do all of the things we used to do I read to him every night like we always do. We eat our meals as a family and talk about any problems and always go to church. I've tried showing him more attention. My boyfriend even took a whole weekend just for him whatever he wanted to do. I also let him help me in anyway he can with his little brother so he doesn't feel excluded but nothing works...I've tried even a belt on the butt for the really serous things he's done...I don't know how else to get him to act right please help!

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