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How do I get my 8 month old son to take a bottle?

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My son has been mainly breastfed, he has only had a bottle a handfull of times. When I try to get him to take one now he refuses and throws a crying fit. I have been a stay at home mom, so he has always been able to breastfeed. Is it too late for him to take a bottle?

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Why worry about a bottle? Why not try a cup? Since he is older it might work to skip the bottle all together. Something to consider anyway :)
will he believe you if you tell him that the bobiie has no more that its all gone..? maybe if you try with a training cup that has his favorite caracter.. or maybe you can show him you pumping it out and that its the same thing. and then you swich to formula with out him even knowing..well thats all i can think of good luck =)
I found that many times my son wouldnt take a bottle from me because I excuslivy breastfeed him. When he had to take a bottle it was pumped milk but someone else had to give it to him. But I agree with why fight with a bottle then one more thing you have to take awa. Try a sippy cup.
don't bother with a bottle at this age, try a sippey cup. by 12 months, the bottle needs to be out of the picture anyway. and with only 4 months to go, there's no point in trying to start it. pump your milk, and put it in a cup. give it to him in the high chair with his meals. keep offering it to him, and eventually he will get it.

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