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How do I get my 8 year old to stay in his own bed at night?

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We finally were successful in getting our son to stay in his own bed when he was about 6. It was heaven for 2 years being able to sleep without interruption. In the last 6 months though, he has started getting up and climbing in with us during the night. Usually we will wake up with him in bed with us and don't know what time he came in. I think the ghost stories that he hears from his classmates have scared him and I have talked to him numerous times about his fears. I considered locking our bedroom door but that makes me nervous. My sister told me I just need to lead him back to bed when he comes in but that is not possible if I am still sleeping, and the times I have tried that, he wants me to lay down with him, which usually means I fall asleep in his bed. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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an 8 year old boy sleeping in bed with his mommy is extremely innapropriate. what gawks me is that you waited until he was 6 to put him in his own bed. you must put your foot down. the reason he continues to climb into bed with you is because you have allowed it this long. you need to put him in his bed tell him to stay there, and be done with it. remember, YOU ARE THE ONE THAT CREATED THIS PROBLEM.

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