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How do I get my child to sleep in her crib????

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I made the mistake of co- sleeping with my daughter from the day she was born. Hearing her breathe reassured me. I don't regret it because on one occasion, I felt that she stopped breathing at which point I woke up and nudged her awake. That was the scariest moment of my life. Now that she's older, however, she had gotten to the point to where she is already going to turn 1 and she still needs to be held in order to sleep/stay asleep or attached to my nipple. I will be starting school online in June at which point I'm going to need the time she naps too study our complete assignments. I dint know what to do!!!! As much as I hate it, I've tried the CIO method which hasn't worked. I've tried rocking her into a deep sleep but she still wakes up as soon as I attempt to put her in her crib. We do have a schedule set. I bathe her and get her ready for bed from 8 - 8:30 and then it's lights out. I'll rock her and sing her to sleep... I dint know what to do. My mother always coslept with my brothers and sisters and me but that always ate at her relationships and I don't want that. Any suggestions? Is allowing her to CIO showing bad parenting?? I can't stop crying because I hear her cry and she reaches for me from her crib as I walk out of the room. My heart hurts...

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