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How do I get my daughter to leave daycare?!

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My daughter LOVES daycare! However, when I pick her up in the afternoon, it'll take us anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour to get to the car. Sometimes I have to pick her up screaming and crying and put her in the car (and usually I can't get her buckled into her seat for several minutes because she won't relax). Does anyone have any tips or tricks for enticing a 2 year old to the car after being in daycare? My patience is starting to wain....

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well, you can try tell her were going to go out to eat or were gonnna go to the park or mostly something she likes! like her favorite food, toy's, movie like saying let's go home and watch the movie she like's! or simple just say ''if you don't calm down & stop it your not going to come tommorow''. that's what i would say to my baby.
no rudeness intended whatsoever but i think she needs advice from a mom who actually went through something kind of similair to this. your son was born last month so i dont think he'd make such a big deal at this age.
As I'm sure you know, 2 year olds can be difficult! Try making the ride home fun. Count the number of steps to the car, sing songs, play I Spy, etc. This will help her speech development and it  will take the focus off the fact that she's leaving a place that she obviously thinks is really fun. Make your activities at home fun as well. If you have to cook dinner, let her help (as long as it's safe). Make everything into a game and it should all be a lot easier.
Does the daycare provider try to help in anyway? I know she may be busy but if you always come at 5 she should start having your daughter pick up and get ready so at 5 she is done playing and getting ready to leave. If you come and she is in the midst of playing you are taking her away from something really fun. I am sure you are tired and in a hurry so it is tough on the both of you. Maybe have an activity for her to do when she get home. Whether it is helping you cook, coloring, or some other fun craft while you make supper. When you get home I am sure there is a rush to get supper made, eat, bath, and bed. That can be stressful for a little one. So try not to put too much pressure on the rushing for her. I know with my daughter who will be 3 this month that the more pressure on her the more she falls apart.
Celss23- i know my son was barely born last month but im just telling her what she could possibly do you know.? my aunt used to do  this to her daughter that's why i said that,.. i also, know that my son won't to do this at his age becasue he's not even a month & he won't be in daycare anyways i just wanted to give her some advice is all(: but anyways thank you for your concern how's the little one coming along.?
Hey Mommys!Thank you so much for your answer and helpful advice. Phoebe has done awesome the last two days. Her teacher was very supportive in helping me on Friday by peeking her head out the door and asking my daughter to show her our car. Today, I stayed in the room and played with her and all the other kiddos and by the time 20 min. had passed, she was ready to go! I also kept mentioning to her that it was time to get going so we could make dinner and help our dog. I praised her highly when we got to the car! It was such a relief! I think that may be the trick. I'm more willing to play in the room for an extra 15-20 min. than go outdoors when it's chilly! And yes, I'm usually exhausted because I'm a teacher, but I try to be as patient as possible!Thanks so much!!
your welcome even though i've never had that experience because my babyboy was just born last month he's almost gonna be a month in 1 week!! and that's great that she's doing better bet it take's a little bit of stress off of your shoulders!(:

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