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How do I get my kindergartener to stop talking in class?

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Connor is 5 years old and in his second week of Kindergarten. He has consistantly brought home reports of talking and interupting the class. I have repeatedly talked with him about how important it is to pay attention in class and to not disrupt, and have even taken away several privaleges. I am running out of things to take away and he is still talking in class. Any suggestions on a new approach would be great!

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Sometimes it is so hard for kids that age to NOT talk, even when they know they aren't supposed to. I had a lot of problems in kindergarten and first grade because I learned to read early and I was bored so I woudl talk. My first report card was full of "talks excessively" and "does not follow directions." In first grade I spent half the day in a 3rd grade class room in the back doing my work because I couldn't stop talking in my own classroom. In 2nd grade, when the cirriculum caught up to me and it was more challenging, I had ZERO problems and made straight A's.Maybe your son is experiencing something similiar? If so, I'm sure my mother can sympatize with you!
Young children have a lot of energy and are easily excitable. School can be a difficult adjustment when there are so many rules to follow. It sounds like you are doing everything you can from your end, now it's really up to the teacher to figure out what to do. It's not like you can discipline him for the teacher.And I agree with Kimmieapples. It's entirely possible that your son is just bored during class.
its actualy very simpal you reward them , tell them  that if they can manage going to school with out a teachers complaint that you will give them that they really want, or their favorit snack

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