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How do i get my son to stop hitting ?

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My son hits everyone, no matter who you are or where we are, if your in his reach you better watch out! He even hits hisself when he gets mad. When he gets into things hes not suppose to i smack his hand and tell him "no" so i feel that when i tell him not to hit and then i smack him i am just confusing him. I have tried just telling him no and moving him away from things but as soon as his feet hit the floor he is right back to where he was. I feel like im fighting a losing battle!

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Check out this article.  Let me know if you find it helpful:
I have a 2 yr old son. What I have just recently started doing when he does something wrong, hits, take him to his room, and put him in his play pin (kind of a form of time out), but it works!! It's a type of punishment, but w/out confusing him (like smacking his hand.) I leave him for a min and let him cry, then go back and get him. I tell him what he did was wrong and he can't do that. Give him a hug/kiss and tell him i love him. Then he's like a different kid...At least for a while.
We are going through this right now with our son, who is 21 months old.  I just read the article below and it made good sense.  Check it out: agree that maybe your son is getting confused about hitting since you are smaking his hands when he hits....he may think that it's okay for him to keep doing it, cause that is what hands are for, right?  Not!  Good luck! 

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