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how do i get my three year old off the bottle at night

7 answers
my three year old daughter is still using her bottle to go to sleep at night how do i get her to let the bottle go? she only gets about 3ounces of milk to go to sleep and then she doesn't wake up or ask for any more bottle.

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Is this a suppy cup or a bottle?  Just take it away.  Its like a binky rough for a few night or maybe just one but worth it in the long run.
I would make a game of gathering all the bottles, for the bottle fairy. Tell her she collects bottles for the new babies who need them, and sense your daughter no longer needs them, the fairy is going to pick hers up and leave a thank- you present. I did this with a child I baby-sat for. I put a new baby doll on the living room table with a little of glitter and a thank you note for her. She never really cried for her bottles again.Make sure she knows that she may no longer have a bottle for bed. GIve her a big girl cup, and have her sit at the table while she drinks it.She may fight you on this, but she is far too old for a bottle, and going to bed with milk isn't good for her teeth. My daughters love to brush their teeth, so almost as soon as dinner is over they are off to brush their teeth and have gotten used to the fact that they may only drink water after 7pm.  It will be hard at first, but I promise she will get used to it and it will be very much worth it. Just put your foot down, and stay conistant.
just take it away! it's that simple. let her throw a fit, she'll get over it! you are the parent. why are you giving your child an option? and why have you let it go on this long? if you are putting her to bed with a bottle or sippey cup of milk, that will lead to tooth decay. i took the paci away from daughter the night before her first bday. she cried for an hour, before finally going to sleep. sure, i wanted to go in there and give it back to her, but that was not an option, b/c i cut the nipple off and threw it in the trash. it eliminated my temptation of giving it back to her.
Tell her she is a big girl and can sleep with a teddy bear now instead of a bottle. Exchanging one for the other might do the trick. And pack those bottles away fast!
throw them away and give her a big girl cup tell her shes big and needs to be a big kid
Wow! 3 and still on the bottle! I would throw all of them away and tell her it's time to be a big girl!
i got lucky with my daughter, she willingly gave up the bottle at 10 months. we threw them all in the trash after that. she started using a sippey cup at 6 months.

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