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how do i get time for me: 7mos pregnant/with a 17 month old

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I read so much information about the importance of making time for yourself and getting enough rest. how exactly does one do that when you have a 17 month old and no support system?

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one word: BABYSITTER! Find an awesome teenager who will work for cheap...then go window shopping (or real shopping), or grab a coffee, go to a cheap movie, get a pedicure....
if you are wondering where to find a reliable and trustworthy teenager to watch your precious child....find one at a church. they usually have bulliten boards were you can post that you are looking for a babysitter! GOOD LUCK! :) 
pinkpaisley, you are absolutely right. not too long after i mad this post i had an epiphany: this is my job. so yes, i do just grin and bear it. i guess i was writing out of frustration and jealousy of women very close to me who do have support. but now i take it one moment at a time because i wee that whining only makes it harder. i know that i don't have to justify how i feel, but i appreciate you taking the time to help me get a better perspective. so thanks again :)
no problem. i know how hard it is being a mom, but we would not change it for the world! our children are such blessings and fill our world with so much joy. even so, they can drive us absolutely crazy.  i often joke that i will be bald by the time she is 5. my daughter pulled out a chunk of mine at 6 months! i have a book called i love you through and through. inside it says things like i love your happy side, you sad side, your giggles, your cries, i love you silent, and talking. i made me stop and think as i read that to her, i love everything about her. everything. even though she drives me mad at times, she knows that her and mommy can take a break and come back all better.

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