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How do I help my 2 year old's sudden fear of snakes/snakelike things?

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She's 2 year's old. The fear developed without exposure to snakes to my knowledge. She's even afraid of play dough shaped like a "snake".

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This is more than likely just a phase that may take some time to grow out of. My younger sister went through a phase where she was AFRAID OF WATER...yes. A simple thing like bathing her became a national crisis everytime. So, if it's something thats actually rather common to be afraid of like snakes, then I would just try to bare through the phase with her, and reassure her as much as possible. Take a trip to the toy store and find a sweet stuffed animal snake, (preferably one that has one of her favorite colors on it) and hold it out for her. let her pet it, have it "give her kisses" on the cheek, and maybe with a little time, patience and practice she will outgrow the fear.
do you honestly want your child to "make nice" with snakes? im 23 years old, and still deathly afraid of snakes. and for a good damn reason! they are creepy little creatures, and many of the poisonous ones can kill you with a single bite.

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