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How do I help my child threw his uncontrollable tantrumes?

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He loves to throw himself on the ground and he even looks as if he is trying to stop but he cant.... he will even hit himself in the head to try to stop. I think it could possibly become dangerous and I dont want him to have anger issues for the rest of his life.

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It might be best if you take him to the doctor.  This could be something behavior derived or it could be a medical issue.  If it is determined that it is not a medical issue, look at how you approach it.  Do you try to make him stop?  Do you create a big commotion?  Or do you ignore him?  When my daughter started this, at first I tried to ignore her like I was advised.  It just didn't work for her like it did others.  For her, its best to show her how silly she is acting.  I will say things like "You are being quite mean and not acting like the good little girl I know you are." or if in public "Do you know that everyone is able to see you act badly?"  If the first reminder doesn't work is when I will send her to time out, take something away, or if its severe enough, like she's going to hurt herself, spank her.  She is getting much better at it. I wish you luck and I know how hard it can be!
Remove him from the situation that is causing the tantrum and calm him down however you can. 

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