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How do i know if its my mucus plug or not???

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i been having clear snot looking stuff come out its in sticky chunks im not sure what it is but ive heard that the mucus plug doesnt always have blood in it and that it looks like snot, im just wondering so i can be preparing my self for labor. i cant call my dr till the morning and the hospital nurses cant tell me anything when i call idk what to do.

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First of all, don't worry. It sounds like it probably is your mucous plug. But, that doesn't mean much of anything. With my first baby I lost my plug but nothing more happened and I still had to be induced. With my second I don't think I lost it prior to going into labor. Losing your mucous plug is just one of those things, like Braxtion-Hicks contractions, and cervical thinning and dilation that are good signs, but don't really mean anything.

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